Realtor Renderings in Union County & Then Some

Normally when I'm commissioned to make a rendering for a client, I need to be slightly sleuthy. I most times stand inside my car coming out the top of my moon roof as to get a better angle of the house I am shooting. AKA, photographing. 

The business card

The business card

So imagine me standing in my car with a camera pointed at your house. Now imagine you looking out and seeing me. Yes, a little strange. If you came out and ask me what I'm doing, I'd say taking a picture of your siding, or landscaping for reference to show my husband. Lol. The rendering gift is always a surprise from the Realtor so I have to try my best to be inconspicuous. 

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno     

House Art Renderings  .   

1737 e. 2nd street, scotch plains, nj 07076 

A new website for House Art Renderings | Scotch Plains New Jersey

House Art Renderings has a new website. :)  A new look and a new feature, pen & ink. In my school days, studying illustration I very often used pen and ink, watercolor, pencil; I loved it, and over the years not going into illustration, I got away from it a bit.  Drawing in general was something I didn't have much time for, or so it seemed.

Digital painting combined with pen and ink is very exciting for me, since it combines two forms of art, mediums into a beautiful, piece of art for your clients. The results and responses have been very positive. That makes me very happy.